January 14, 2021

Abraham Lincoln Quotes About Democracy

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No man is sweet sufficient to control one other man with out the opposite’s consent.
What I would like is to get achieved what the folks need to have achieved, and the query for me is tips on how to discover that out precisely.
After we have been the political slaves of King George, and wished to be free, we known as the maxim that “all males are created equal” a self evident fact; however now when now we have grown fats, and have misplaced all dread of being slaves ourselves, now we have turn into so grasping to be masters that we name the identical maxim “a self evident lie” The fourth of July has not fairly dwindled away; it’s nonetheless an ideal day-for burning fire-crackers!!!
Democracy is “authorities of, by and for the folks”.
Democracy is “authorities of, by and for the folks”.
Elections belong to the folks. It is their resolution. In the event that they determine to show their again on the hearth and burn their behinds, then they may simply have to take a seat on their blisters.

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