January 14, 2021

I Want To Die Quotes

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Consciousness There’s a darkish place. A spot the place I’ve no eyes, no mouth. No phrases. I can not cry out as a result of I’ve no breath. The silence is so deep I wish to die. However I can not. The darkness and silence go on without end. It’s not a dream. I do not dream.
I mentioned to myself, ‘I wish to die decently’.

Please, please. Do not cry like that. I’ll go mad. I do not wish to see you once more. I must see you once more… I am sick of it. As a result of as quickly as now we have to say goodbye… I wish to die. (Ritsuka)

I’m not afraid of loss of life. I simply do not wish to be there when it occurs.
I wish to die in my very own manner. It is my sickness, my loss of life, my selection. That is what saying sure means.
I do not suppose I wish to win something I feel I wish to die unadorned.
You get up and you are feeling – what? Heaviness, an ache inside, a weight, sure. A gentle crumpling of the flesh. A sense like all of the surfaces inside you’ve gotten been rubbed uncooked. A voice in your head – no, not voices, not like listening to voices, nothing that loopy, simply your personal interior voice, the one that claims ‘Flip left on the nook’ or ‘Remember to cease on the put up workplace,’ solely now it is saying, ‘I hate myself.’ It is saying, ‘I wish to die.’
I wish to stay however I wish to die. What do I do?
I wish to stay however I wish to die. What do I do?

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