January 14, 2021

Stonewall Jackson Quotes

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The patriot volunteer, preventing for nation and his rights, makes probably the most dependable soldier on earth.
Arms is a occupation that, if its rules are adhered to for fulfillment, requires an officer do what he fears could also be incorrect, and but, based on navy expertise, have to be performed, if success is to be attained.

Our motion was a fantastic success; I believe probably the most profitable navy motion of my life. However I count on to obtain extra credit score for it than I deserve. Most males will suppose I deliberate all of it from the primary; nevertheless it was not so. I merely took benefit of circumstances as they have been introduced to me within the windfall of God. I really feel that His hand led me – allow us to give Him the glory.

Our God was my protect. His defending care is a further trigger for gratitude.
Do your obligation and depart the remainder to Windfall.
I like liquor – its style and its results – and that’s simply the explanation why I by no means drink it.
What’s life with out honor? Degradation is worse than demise.
I’m extra afraid of King Alcohol than of all of the bullets of the enemy.
I need my military to be a military of the dwelling God.
I need my military to be a military of the dwelling God.
By no means take counsel of your fears.
Responsibility is ours; penalties are God’s.

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