February 24, 2021

Luke Rhinehart Quotes

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We’re blind to the worlds inside us, ready to be born.
Life is islands of ecstasy in an ocean of ennui, and after the age of thirty land is seldom seen.
There have been 15 or 16 screenplays through the years, together with one by me, however none of them has gotten made as a result of Paramount is a large studio. The Cube Man is an anti-establishment cult novel and you do not usually make studio movies from such darkish comedy materials.
Patterns are prostitution to the patter of oldsters.
Patterns are prostitution to the patter of oldsters.
Hand over all hope, all phantasm, all want..I’ve tried. I’ve tried and nonetheless I want, I nonetheless want to not want and hope to be with out hope and have the phantasm I will be with out illusions..Hand over, I say. Hand over every little thing, together with the need to be saved.

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