February 24, 2021

Mark Z. Danielewski Quotes

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Haven’t any worry, you will see your means. It is in your bones. It is in your soul.
Ardour has little to do with euphoria and every thing to do with persistence. It isn’t about feeling good. It’s about endurance. Like persistence, ardour comes from the identical Latin root: pati. It doesn’t imply to stream with exuberance. It means to endure.
Why did god create a twin universe? So he would possibly say ‘Be not like me. I’m alone.’ And it is perhaps heard.

Anger is a method to reply to worry. I say a method as a result of responses are categorically a number of.

Nobody ever actually will get used to nightmares.
Even the brightest magnesium flare can do little towards such darkish besides blind the eyes of the one holding it. Thus one craves what by seeing one has in actual fact not seen.
This nice blue world of ours is however a home of leaves, moments earlier than the wind.
Her smile, I am positive, burnt Rome to the bottom.
My fingers resemble some historical tree: the roots that bind up the earth, the rock and the ceaselessly nibbling wordms.
All of us create tales to guard ourselves.
All of us create tales to guard ourselves.
The ruminations are mine, let the world be yours.
I need one thing else. I am not even positive what to name it anymore besides I do know it feels roomy and it is drenched in daylight and it is weightless and I do know it is not low cost. In all probability not even actual

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