February 26, 2021

Bill Maher Quotes – Page 4

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Halloween is a day after we all get to idiot folks into considering we’re another person. Or as Mitt Romney calls it, campaigning.
In America, you’re allowed to justify nearly any sort of bigotry, sexism, or intolerance in the event you supply it to God’s huge e book of dangerous concepts.
Faith is madness by consensus.

What I consider in is love your neighbor as your self and do not name him silly as a result of they do not agree with you politically.

Each election, roughly half the inhabitants votes Democrat and the opposite half votes Republican. Now, I perceive why the Republicans get one p.c of the vote – the richest one p.c.That different p.c, somebody should clarify to me.
Karl Rove thinks we shouldn’t have Hillary Clinton within the White Home as a result of she fell and hit her head a pair years in the past, spent three days within the hospital, and possibly she has mind harm. You understand, I don’t recall the Republicans being this involved with psychological health throughout the years when Reagan was speaking to deal with vegetation within the White Home.
The concept males are from Mars and ladies are from Venus is a bunch of bullshit. Deal with her such as you would a buddy, and you will wind up with a lover.
Unemployment is down, confidence is up, DOW 5,000 above Bush – or as Republicans put it, let’s discuss homosexual folks and abortion!
I do not consider in a variety of issues from the Bronze Age, however an eye fixed for an eye fixed does make a kind of symmetrical sense to me. I actually consider that if someone takes a life, that [death penalty] is what they need to get. I additionally assume it is much more humane than maintaining folks in a cage for the remainder of their life.
Discuss to girls who’ve ever dated an Arab man. The outcomes usually are not good.
Discuss to girls who’ve ever dated an Arab man. The outcomes usually are not good.
Once you get people who find themselves out of workplace, all of the sudden their tongues loosen up and all of the sudden they are saying the issues that you simply want they’d stated or did after they had been in workplace.
Idiots should cease claiming that atheism is a faith. Faith is outlined as the assumption in and worship of a superhuman controlling energy. And atheism is… exactly not that. Atheism is a faith like abstinence is a intercourse place

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